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One size does not fit all. You know it. We know it.

Our personalized, science-based programs are all about finding an approach that works for you. Not for a week but for a lifetime. It’s about adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes foods that satisfy both your body and palate. And it means following a fitness routine that keeps you energized and in shape.

It starts with healthy eating
The harmful effects of an unhealthy diet are well-documented, with more than 35% of the U.S. population classified as “obese.” We’ll teach you how to identify—and eliminate—unhealthy, processed foods filled with sugar, salt and fat from your diet. We’ll counsel you on strategies for building a diet centered on healthy protein, whole grains, vegetables and fruit.

Reduce your hunger cravings
Crafting a healthier diet is a step-by-step process that requires commitment and support from you, your family and your team at Indian Lake. One of our more popular programs includes combination of an FDA-approved appetite suppressants and individualized, one-on-one office visits will help you stick to your plan and break the cycle of hunger cravings.

Find an activity level that works for you
We’ll work closely with you to develop a plan for 30 minutes of moderate physical activity at least five days a week. As you shed weight, your energy level will improve. Making time for daily exercise is essential to long-term weight loss and weight management. Finding an activity level that suits your physical abilities is the key to building that exercise habit!

Embrace a healthy lifestyle
Stress can cause a number of problems associated with weight gain, including overeating, lack of proper sleep and the desire to comfort ourselves with snacks and sweets. We will provide you with strategies to better manage stress, enabling you to successfully lose weight and maintain a healthier, happier existence. Give us a call us today!  (615) 822 – 9002



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Every personalized program at Indian Lake Weight Loss & Wellness features counseling on eating well and making new habits stick. You’ll get tips on foods, menu ideas, and tools to track your progress. You’ll find support to move beyond the patterns that have been keeping you from the weight loss you desire.

Your weight-loss provider will do an initial consultation and medical evaluation, then develop a customized plan for you. Follow-up appointments are scheduled to support you achieving your goals. Together we develop a plan for diet, exercise, and other lifestyle or medical issues as needed -and determine if any medication for weight loss should be part of your plan, too.

At each monthly visit, patients  will receive the following services: 

• Blood pressure evaluation
• Medication and recent medical history review 
• Nutritional counseling 
• Consultation with nutritionist and/or licensed medical provider

• Measurement (natural waist, navel, [hips & thighs – women only]) 
• Weight loss review – plan adjustment and recommendations if necessary 
• Educational handouts and materials 
• Recalculated body mass index (BMI) and body fat composition analysis

It is our goal to help you meet your ideal weight and health goals through the use nutritional counseling, accountability, fitness education, ongoing support, and and/or pharmaceutical prescription medications – when indicated. Our physician supervised program is a great way to jump start your weight loss and to lead you to a healthier lifestyle. 

Indian Lake Weight Loss & Wellness is an independently owned and operated weight loss center; established in Hendersonville, TN in 2009. Our primary focus includes health & wellness, chronic disease prevention, health restoration, hormonal balance, natural weight loss, medical weight loss, diabetes education, PCOS diet therapies, anti aging therapies, youth nutrition and general nutritional counseling all in efforts of restoring and maintaining optimal health. We also offer  “all natural” weight loss programs for the nursing mother.