HCG for weight loss:

Patient self-Mixing Directions for Home Use

For mixing 7 day HCG with Bacteriostatic Water (Normal Saline)

Reconstitute with 1.9ml of bacteriostatic water (normal saline) 


Each 0.20 ml = 125 units of HCG = 20 units on the insulin syringe

Each 0.40 ml =250 units of HCG = 40 units on the insulin syringe


Once you’ve established your goals and decided you are ready to begin your HCG Diet journey, you will need to take some time to analyze which of the options will be best suited for you – the oral SL HCG dosing at 250IU or the HCG injections at 125IU. If you have decided on the injections, follow the tips below to ensure your safety of self-administration.


The safest method of HCG injections is sent home with you directly from your practitioner.  Any “pre-mixed” HCG received from Indian Lake Medical is “pre-mixed” usually in front of the patient, on a daily basis – when purchased to ensure quality and freshness.  There is minimal wait time associated with the reconstitution of the HCG and Normal Saline. If you are, for any reason, in a slight hurry,  and purchasing a 40 day “pre-mixed HCG cycle” please call ahead to inform the clinical team or Nurse Practitioner. 

You can have your HCG “pre-mixed” by the Indian Lake Medical Weight Loss clinical staff in “ready to use” syringes while you wait or you may purchase the HCG dry-packed with home reconstitution instructions.  Once the HCG is reconstituted with bacteriostatic water or normal saline – it must stay refrigerated.   All HCG that is reconstituted at Indian Lake Medical is released on ice packets.    


Required:  HCG in powder concentrate, injection safe sterile water, syringes for mixing with replacement needles, alcohol pads, sterile glass vial.  HCG is a white powder and comes in a vial, in the box will also contain a vial of water. Please only use only the designated amount of the liquid on the HCG vial to mix the powder, unless otherwise instructed to do so by the nurse or physician.




  •   Cleanse the abdominal wall injection site with alcohol. Wait a few seconds until alcohol has dried on skin.   Remove cap from needle.
  •   Alternate abdominal wall sides with each injection
  •   Dispose of used needle and syringes carefully in an approved sharps container.


  •          Contents of vial must be used within 60 days of reconstitution
  •          Daily swab area with an alcohol pad to the injection area before hand and swab the top
  •          of the vial before each use
  •          Do not inject medication if solution is cloudy or contains particles
  •          Refrigerate vial after reconstitution (Dry product can be stored at room temperature)
  •          It’s not uncommon to find some swelling, redness, burning, itching. If it does not subside however, please contact your doctor right away.


Remember to always wash your hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap before preparing and inserting the injection into the HCG vial; wipe the HCG vial with an alcohol swab.  If you do not fully understand the appropriate way to self-inject, do not attempt doing it on your own. Rather, see your doctor to have injections administered or consult your physician for full instructions.