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Long-term success at weight management requires identifying the causes of unwanted weight gain and then adopting the dietary, behavioral, and exercise habits, which can correct these metabolic faults and prevent their return. Experience has shown there is a greater rate of success and a lower rate of recidivism when patients have adequate contact with and support from health care professionals during the period of weight loss rather than merely a prescription for one or more diet aids.

This program is designed to help overcome the challenges of a weight management program. With any new weight loss effort, changes in mood, energy, and hunger may arise from your body adjusting to the dietary stress and nutrient changes associated with your program. This adjustment period may present some challenges as the body, at a cellular level, communicates to the brain to Quit…Go Back…Don’t Change! This seemingly simple communication between your cells and your brain can wreak havoc on your mental focus, determination, commitment, compliance, and ultimately your success. This program is designed to help you overcome these potentially program breaking obstacles.

This program represent a synergistic blend of nutrients and herbs. These packets are designed to aid in correcting the metabolic faults, which are typical of obesity. (For a full listing of ingredients see each product description). The formula reduces hunger and food cravings by improving the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats to increase feelings of energy and well-being. The formula makes patient compliance with the hypocaloric diet easy to achieve.

This program supplies potassium and magnesium plus associated nutrients to help improve this metabolic response. Chromium has been included to improve insulin response. Vitamin C, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, and L-phenylalanine are included to provide the nutritional substrates for thyroid and adrenal hormones. L-phenylalanine also serves as an appetite suppressant and serotonin enhancer. Bulking and energizing ingredients are included to speed up sluggish metabolisms, elevate mood and create the feeling of satiety at meals.


1 tablet PER DAY

Ingredients: Each tablet contains:

Lipotropic literally means “fat-loving” and the term is used to refer to substances that are able to help the liver metabolize fats and remove them from the blood stream. Lipotropic nutrients increase production of lecithin by the liver thereby helping to keep cholesterol more soluble and lessening deposits in blood vessels. They help prevent accumulation of fats in the liver.

They also detoxify amines, which are by-products of protein metabolism. Besides improving fat metabolism, lipotropics will also aid in the metabolism of fat soluble nutrients and aid the liver in its other metabolic functions such as the processing of hormones, estrogen, sulfa-drugs, glucose and glycogen.

The lipotropic agent Choline works by emulsifying LDL cholesterol so that it does not stick to the body’s arterial walls. Additionally, Inositol helps in the redistribution of fat throughout the body.

• Boosts energy
• Increases activity of nervous system
• Essential for acceleration of cell renewal
• Enhances red blood cell production
• Assists in stress management
• Improves concentration & memory
• Reduces toxic levels of homocysteine (a contributing factor in heart disease and stroke)

The Blitz Plus! tablets are vital to weight loss programs and may assist in the following areas:
• Increases metabolism to burn fat
• Removes and transports fat out of the body
• Prevents abnormal accumulation of fat in the liver
• Increases production of lecithin

• Detoxifies and improves liver function




PRICE:   $50 / mo  Qty: 90                  

1 CAPSULE  2-3 Times per Day 

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Phenylalanine, an essential nutrient amino acid, can inhibit appetite by increasing the brain’s production of the neurotransmitter NE (norepinephrine). Phenylalanine also causes the brain  to release the hormone CCK (cholecystokinin), which has been shown to decrease appetite.

Diucaps™ can be successfully used to treat:
• Alcoholism
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Hyperactivity
• Obesity


d.n.s.™ caps



D.N.S.™ CAPSULES: multivitamin CAPSULES designed to supplement the body with vital vitamins and nutrients to aid in preventing food cravings, including carbohydrate and sugar cravings… 

For menopausal women, D.N.S.™ CAPSULES is THE comprehensive formula designed to help you decrease unwanted belly fat that has resulted due to the metabolic changes related to the aging process – including the decrease in estrogen levels that promotes insulin resistance and weight gain. 

D.N.S.™ CAPSULES help your body regulate insulin levels, balance blood sugar levels and decrease insulin resistance. D.N.S.™ CAPSULES is a must have! 

D.N.S.™ CAPSULES           QTY:  60
1 CAPSULE Twice Daily     PRICE: $35 /mo

Ingredients: Each two capsules contain – Vitamin A 10,000 I.U., Vitamin B1 (Thiamin 1.5
mg.), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1.7 mg., Vitamin B6 2 mg., Vitamin B12 6 mcg., Biotin 200
mcg., Vitamin C 100 mg., Vitamin E 30 I.U., Vitamin D 400 I.U., D Calcium pantothenate 10
mg., Calcium 150 mg., Chromium 200 mcg., Copper 2 mg., Magnesium 100 mg., Manganese
2.5 mg., Molybdenum 25 mcg., Selenium 45 mcg., Vanadyl sulfate 15 mg., Zinc 20 mg.,
Choline 10 mg., L Carnitine 10 mg., Inositol 25 mg., L Taurine 10 mg., Coenzyme Q10 0.01
mg., Bioflavanoids 25 mg., Grape seed extract 10 mg., Garlic 10 mg., Gymnema sylvestre
extract 300 mg., Momordica chirantia extract 200 mg., Fish oil 5 mg., Niacinamide 20 mg.,
Folic Acid 200 mcg., Potassium 10 mg., MicroNutrients 3 mg., (Proprietary blend of ginseng
root, enzyme blend, huckleberry, maitake mushroom, quercetin, brewer’s yeast, cedar berry,
bromelain, and ger 132) 18 mg.

D.N.S.™, Doctors Nutritional Support, was formulated using therapeutic levels of key
ingredients proven to effectively regulate insulin levels. This unique combination of vitamins,
minerals, enzymes, amino acids, herbs and nutrients, promotes and encourages the body’s
natural mechanisms to balance sugar levels. Besides diet and exercise, a daily dose of these
nutritional requirements can be beneficial in helping the body normalize blood sugar levels
and to enhance cells’ response to insulin.

Key ingredients supporting this formula include: Gymnema Sylvestre extract, Mormordica
Charantia, Chromium and Vanadyl Sulfate. These ingredients have shown to effectively treat
symptoms of diabetes and it is an excellent choice for weight management.

D.N.S.™ will assist with:
• Improving blood sugar management
• Blocking intestinal absorption of sugar
• Reversing changes induced by diabetes that effect liver, kidneys, and muscles
• Relieving dehydration associated with diabetes
• Uptake of glucose by muscle cells

In weight management:
• Abolishes taste of sugar
• Blocks carbohydrate absorption
• Promotes glucose metabolism
• Reduces the risk of carbohydrates turning into fat
• Significantly reduces calorie intake causing weight gain
• Suppresses sweet and carbohydrate cravings




Protrim™ CAPSULES           
1 CAPSULE 2-3 Times Daily     PRICE: $60 /Qty: 90

Protrim™ is a weight loss aid that contains vitamins, minerals and a bulking agent to create a feeling of fullness and help curb the appetite that does not leave you feeling bloated. Chromium, an essential trace mineral, has been added to this combination to aid in the metabolism of sugar and other carbohydrates.

Protrim™ contributes to:
• Controlling the appetite
• Providing a feeling of fullness
• Reducing the cravings for sugar and other carbohydrates
• Stimulating the production of fat burning hormones; increasing the rate of metabolism and
helping to burn calories more rapidly