T. Taylor Minchey, NP


In 2003, I decided to lose the 80 pounds I’d gained during college.

In late 2009, I opened Indian Lake Medical Weight Loss & Wellness, Pllc. Since opening, with the help of an amazing team me, I’ve managed to help over 7000 people reach their weight loss goals – one pound at a time.  I have a special interest in diabetes nutrition; I am passionate about education. I recently created my very own diabetic friendly 18 gram protein drink – ProTonic Water – this is very exciting for me.

I love a good pep rally. I believe that confidence is a beautiful thing; and money can’t buy it – but people can smell it. I understand what it takes to be successful; sometimes it’s not fun, pretty, or easy…but it’s always worth it.

Weight loss has nothing to do with willpower and everything to do with mental strength.

 –T. Taylor Minchey, NP     www.linkedin.com/in/tmincheynp/


T. Taylor Minchey, NP-C


Confidence is a beautiful thing – money can’t buy it – people can smell it. – T. Taylor Minchey, NP-C